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  1. The services are sold as harm reduction services and in no way claims to provide 100% protection from all spam perils.
  2. Product updates are installed as soon as available from the respective manufacturers. As new spam techniques appear in the wild before signatures are available, some spam may be passed thorough undetected.
  3. The customer agrees to indemnify and save harmless Provision Data Systems Inc. from any liability or any loss due to incorrect marking of emails as spam or not spam.
  4. Encrypted emails and files, password protected archives and other non-standard encoding schemes can not be scanned by the system.
  5. Email aliases count as addresses for 3rd party scanning.
  6. Copies of email scanned for spam may be retained on the scanning servers to help the server learn what is spam and what is not. The messages will not be publicly accessible.
  7. Payment for services is made in advance of each month of service. Service may be terminated or suspended for accounts over 30 days.